Yellow Card Policy

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If a coach or spectator's behavior is considered physically or verbally unacceptable in the spirit of the game, the matter will be referred to the Sports Program Ethics Committee* (SPEC). The SPEC will review the facts surrounding the incident in order to determine if a yellow card is warranted. If a yellow card is warranted, the SPEC will determine the appropriate disciplinary action. A finding the by the SPEC that a yellow card is not warranted does not preclude the appropriate Sports Program Committee from taking action.

If a coach receives a 2nd yellow card, he/she may be permanently suspended from coaching. A spectator who receives a second yellow card may be prohibited from attending practices or games for the remainder of the season and may be required to appear before the SPEC. Coaching privileges may be permanently suspended for any individual who receives two yellow cards, regardless of whether they are received as a coach, spectator, or any combination of the two.

The following procedures will govern the issuance of Yellow Cards:

  1. Within 72 hours of an incident, or as soon as possible, a referee, coach, spectator, or committee member, shall send an email to the SPEC at or with the detailed particulars of the incident (who, what, where and when).
  2. The Parks and Recreation Staff member will forward the email, and any other data regarding the incident to the SPEC members within 48 hours.
  3. If the SPEC finds reason for further investigation, the alleged offender(s) will be notified and provided the opportunity to answer the incident details. The failure of the alleged offender(s) to provide a response to the details of the allegation shall be treated as an admission of their accuracy.
  4. The SPEC decision will be referred to the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department in a reasonable time for final adjudication.
  5. The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department will be responsible for keeping a master list of all incidents, and monitoring adherence to disciplinary action issued.
  6. Decisions of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department are final.

The Policy/Procedure described above has been communicated to coaches, sports participants and potential spectators thru numerous media (at activity sign up, coaches contracts, emails, Randolph Reporter and, if appropriate, in person at a sports gathering). It is the responsibility of town residents to educate other spectators they have invited to attend an event of this policy. Ignorance to this policy will not be considered an acceptable excuse/mitigating factor regarding disciplinary determinations for unacceptable behavior.

* Sports Program Ethics Committee - is a subcommittee of the Recreation Committee