Player Safety

Heads Up Football - USA Football

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Heads Up Tackle Technique

There are five steps to the Heads Up Tackle. They are Breakdown, Buzz, Hit Position, Rip and Shoot.

Water Versus Sport Drinks

Water is recommended as the primary fluid for all excerises, but sports drinks have their place, especially with young athletes who prefer the taste.

What is a Concussion?

USA Football Medical Director and St. Vincent Sports Medicine physician Dr. Patrick Kersey breaks down the physiology of a concussion.

Neck Strengthening: Strength and Conditioning

Simple exercises that can bolster an individuals neck strength, a muscle that is core to health and safety in football.

Downloadable Resources

Helmet Fitting Instructions
Step-by-step instructions for how to properly fit your players' helmet for maximum protection.

Concussion Fact Sheet
Recap of what a concussion is, how to manage them, and how to keep your players safe.

Concussion: A Must-Read For Athletes
Poster from the CDC with information that all young athletes should know. Print it and share it with your players and parents.

Put Pride Aside for Player Safety Flyer
Share this flyer with your coaches and players to convince them to "Put Pride Aside for Player Safety".

Learn more about concussions and get additional information/ resources at the USA Football or NFL Health and Safety websites.