Randolph Bulldogs Football Download the Bylaws & Guidelines Document

1.0 Mission Statement

Randolph Bulldogs football is committed to providing our players with a positive experience in an environment that will teach life's lessons, to develop and understand discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, competition, and working with others, and to give one's best effort at all times, while having fun in the process.

2.0 General Goals of the Program

Overall, the program is governed by the Randolph Township Recreation Department, the Randolph Bulldogs Football Committee and rules governed by the Morris County Youth Football League.

To keep with its mission, the Randolph Bulldogs Football Program is designed to teach the game of football to the youth of Randolph and will stress the following:

  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Sportsmanship
  • Responsibility
This document will describe in detail the program, its purpose and its goals and will serve as the guiding principles for the committee, coaches, parents and players.

3.0 The Committee

The committee will be comprised of a Director and members. The following will be adhered to for composition of the committee:

  • All will be voted into committee positions by existing committee members.
  • The committee will always comprise at a minimum 7 members.
  • The committee will vote to add or remove members as well as assign positions.
  • There may be only one member per household or family.
  • In the event that a committee member has a child in the program, there may be only one committee member represented per playing level. However, a playing level may not be represented on the committee.
Decisions will be made by the committee as a whole, by way of a vote. All votes will be conducted during the monthly committee meetings.

3.1 Meetings

The Randolph Bulldogs Committee will meet once per month in the off-season, two times during the month of August (on Mondays at 8:30pm) and once per month during the remainder of the football season (first Monday of the month).

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, an emergency meeting may be called and should contain at least two-thirds of the committee members to be a valid meeting.

4.0 Coaches and Players

All rules and by-laws pertaining to the Morris County Youth Football League (MCYFL) will be followed.

4.1 Coaches

All head coaches will be selected by the Randolph Bulldogs Football committee.

The head coach is responsible for his assigned level and must make every attempt to attend all practices and games. It is understandable that unforeseen circumstances may prevent this from time to time. These unforeseen circumstances may include such things as work, or "special" family events. Because of this responsibility, a head coach is not permitted to go on vacation during the season. In any event, if a head coach will not be available for an extended period of time, that head coach must notify a committee member.

Assistant coaches will be selected by the Head Coaches with approvals by the Committee.

As per the MCYFL rules, a coach may not have any type of practice, physical or mental, with his players prior to August 1st.

Coaches will follow the guidelines put forth by the committee.

Please see the section on "Game Time" for information on Bench Fouls and "Referee Payments".

It is the responsibility of the coaches to adhere to the Mission Statement of the program.

All other MCYFL rules apply.

4.2 Players

4.2.1 Ages and Levels

A player's playing level will be governed as follows:

  • A player will play with his grade appropriate level unless the age of a player dictates that he must play up one level.
  • A player will have the option of playing down a level if the age of the player falls within the guidelines of the requested level
  • Exceptions:
    • Players who are too heavy to play at their eligible level and deemed capable of playing up a level may choose to do so. However, the head coach must first get agreement from the other head coach before proceeding down this path. The order in which this MUST be accomplished is as follows:
      • Head Coaches must first agree
      • The Parents and players must then agree
    • Other extenuating circumstances must be presented to the committee before other exceptions can be granted.

4.2.2 Practice Time

All players are expected to attend ALL practices. Absences should be granted by the head coach when appropriate (sickness, studies). See section on "Practices" for guidelines on practice times. Due to the nature of this sport, it is important that players make practices. Poor attendance can have a direct impact on playtime. It is recommended that a player attend at least 8 practices prior to being eligible to play in any type of game setting. It is the coach's discretion whether this should include scrimmages.

5.0 Practices

5.1 Frequency

Preseason practice may begin on August 1st as declared by MCYFL rules. No team may conduct practices prior to this date. The Bulldogs Football committee may decide that practice begins some time after this date due to field availability and coordination with the Recreation Department.

It is the discretion of the coach at each level the frequency of practice during the month of August. When school starts, a coach may alter the practice week, with school in mind. Example: Practice 4 times a week before school starts; 3 times a week after school starts.

The below table depicts an example of practice frequency at each level:

Level Example practice frequency **
Instructional One to two times per week throughout the season, starting roughly the third week of August
Pre Clinic Two to three times per week in August; Two times per week once school starts
Clinic Three to four times per week in August; Three times per week once school starts
Super Pee Wee Three to four times per week in August; Three times per week once school starts
All Upper Levels (Pee Wee, JV and Varsity) A coach may choose to practice as frequently during the week as is possible, keeping in mind the rules of the MCYFL (please see note below).

** This is only an example. Specific practice times are left to the discretion of the coach at each level.

Please Note: Per MCYFL rules, a team may practice as many times as it wants prior to the start of the season (or start of school). Once the season officially starts (or school officially starts), a team may practice no more than 4 times per week, of which one of those practices must be a non-contact practice (ie a walk through).

6.0 Game Time

6.1 Play Time

It is the goal of the committee to provide as much game time experience as necessary to all players. Keeping in mind that the Instructional, Pre-Clinic, Clinic and Super Pee Wee levels are indeed instructional levels, there will be a minimum play time requirement for these lower levels as follows:

Number of Players Minimum Play Requirment *
12-19 players 10 play minimum
20-24 players 7 play minimum
25+ players 5 play minimum

* This includes special teams where applicable

Please see the section "4.2.2 Practice Time" to determine eligibility for game time play.

It will be left up to the coach's discretion, however, 2 teams at the lower levelsmay be formed if the level contains 36 players based on their eligibility to play. Pre Clinic and Clinic will field 2 competitive teams with 2 independent coaching staffs. The Super Pee Wee level will field an A-Team and B-Team with independent coaching staffs.

For all upper levels (Pee Wee, JV, and Varsity), it will be the coaches discretion and there will be no minimum play time requirements. Please see the section entitled "Central Conference".

6.2 Central Conference

It is a general goal of the program "to put cleats on the field". As a result, each Pee Wee, JV and Varsity team should declare a Central Conference team. The goal of the Central Conference is to develop more players and to give more play time to those players that may not get enough play time during regular games.

From the rules of the MCYFL (2010): The Central Conference is a developmental division of the Morris County Youth Football League that is intended to give significant playing time to those players who are not getting much playing time in our regular games. This division is the place where these players can develop their skills in game conditions and experience football by playing against teams of similar skills and talent levels.This division is not a place for the outstanding player in our regular games to be shifted to another position and be given additional playing time. Coaches are still encouraged to give playing time to Central Conference players in regular season games. Any team that has 25 players or more should declare a Central Conference team.

7.0 Parents and other Volunteers

7.1 Team Moms

Each level should have at least one team mom. The team mom will assist the head coach of that level in the way that the coach sees fit. Some tasks of a team mom may be:

  • Coordinating Rosters at the start of the season for submission to the Roster Committee member.
  • Establishing communications to the rest of the team throughout the season based on the input of the head coach.
  • The organization, distribution and collection of Game Uniforms.
  • The collection of boosters, sponsors and collages for the yearbook.
  • The head coach of each level will choose one or more the team moms.

7.2 Game Announcing

For home games, each team should have an announcer for the game. Prior to the start of a game, the announcer may introduce each player of each team individually, or collectively announce each team as a unit.

Once the game begins, the announcer must adhere to strict guidelines and should announce the game, with no "colored commentary". Examples may be "Ball carried by -------, tackled by --------."

Under no circumstances should the announcer make any announcements during a play depicting play direction, or "pass" or "run."

The announcer should do his/her best not to show favoritism in announcing the game or biased toward the home team.

The announcer may be asked to make special announcements throughout the game. Usually these types of announcements should be made a game breaks. At all levels, the announcer will remain on the sideline and off the field of play for the duration of the game.

7.3 Parents

It is expected that all adults conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to all players, coaches, referees, etc and in accordance with township guidelines. Parents should attempt to attend any programs that the township offers.

8.0 Formal Complaints

Any type of complaint or issue should be brought to the head coach of that particular level first.

If the complaint or issue is not addressed appropriately, then that complaint or issue should be brought to a committee member.

The committee member, upon becoming known of the complaint or issue, should then bring this to the Director. The Director, committee member and person filing the complaint will meet. At that time, the Director will determine whether an emergency committee meeting will be conducted. If needed, this emergency meeting must be conducted within 48 hours of the complaint or issue. The results of this will be brought back to the person(s) filing the complaint, or making the issue known.

9.0 Guideline and By-Law Ammendments

All guidelines and by-laws contained in the document may be changed by a committee vote and only during the months from December to June.